February 2013 Stallholder of the month announced!

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Each month we highlight one of our talented stallholders. The February stallholder of the month is...

Toni Rands of Honey Child's Creole Catering



Tell us a bit about Honey Child's Creole Catering

We specialise in catering North American Food all prepared with a Creole Twist. We do it all from Southern smoky BBQ's, Tex Mex Fiestas, to Napa Style Vineyard picnics. I do in home cooking classes for groups of 6-10. We also offer American Baked Treats at Market Stalls.

How did it all begin?

I started the business out of homesickness. I really missed the flavours and hospitality of my Family Table. This was the best way to feel like I am in the kitchen with my Grandmother's keeping my heritage alive while honouring my new home!

What's the story behind the name?

A 'Honey Child' in the Southern USA is a Sweet Sassy Cutie that you never forget! I thought it was the perfect embodiment of my food style and my personality. That is how I wanted Australia to be introduced to me!

Where are you based?

We are based in the Kingston area.

What do you love about what you do?

I live to impart the true philosophy of Whole Food eating, hospitality, sharing of culinary traditions, and responsible feasting the way it was passed down to me. I come from a long line of Great Hostesses, Cooks, Chefs, and Event Planners. I love to show the joy in Creole food and the alchemy of my blended heritage. I feel like an Evangelist of the first water when someone I have fed is blown away by the freshness and quality of what I have presented to them. And the bonus of making my Grandmothers proud is a selfish byproduct of my hard work.

What inspires you?

Tasmanian meat and produce! I am completely humbled and blown away by the quality and deliciousness of the ingredients here. I cannot remember ANY place I have ever lived where the fruit tasted better. I was born in Hawaii, and have travelled the world. I can say without guile that Tassie small batch fruit and veg win it for me. I am also inspired by the lifelong memories of great everyday & holiday feasts I enjoyed growing up. I love the reverence certain preparations and traditions have that I am passing down here.

What do you do when you're not creating for Honey Child's Creole Catering?

I am a newlywed and new Aussie so I am VERY busy learning my way around Tassie and being besotted with my husband, Nicholas. Also I have studied & cooked all over the world. It is my passion & my favorite sport!! I am often found in the library researching North American Cooking, watching programs, or networking with other chefs & foodies!

What do you enjoy about selling your wares at markets?

I really enjoy connecting to the people. When I am catering it is usually a behind the scenes operation. Running the stall lets me talk to the people, and get great feedback, answer questions, offer advice, and share a laugh. It's nice to know who is enjoying your food!

Do you have a useful tip for new stallholders?

Yes. Be cheerful, and engage passersby. A smile goes a long way to making a connection that could lead to anything as little as a sale or as big as a new friend, customer, or reference. Some of my larger events have come from just talking to people over a sample and a chat.

How can people contact you?

I have a Facebook page, or can be contacted by email or phone:
Website: www.facebook.com/HoneyChildsCreoleCatering/info
email: Honeychild_oz@yahoo.com.au
Phone: 0424 172 191